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I am running to serve YOU!


"I will be a strong advocate for your needs and concerns as your next City Councilman."


Great representation for Spokane, a wide range of experience, compassionate, understanding and a strong voice for you.


Tim believes when representation is focused on getting results and putting residents first, families and businesses can thrive in Spokane's 1st district. 



Tim, age 41, was born and raised in Spokane. As a youth he worked with the Washington State Department of Ecology on a recycling program and was an avid bicyclist, for transportation and for recreation. He also helped his grandmother, who was a retired reading teacher, maintain her apartments reserved for World War II veterans in Hillyard. The veterans taught him about their work ethics, how they survived the great depression and love of country.




Tim’s family has deep local roots. On his mother’s side there were several generations of teachers and on his father’s there were several generations of welders. His uncle was recognized recently for his work educating Spokane's next generation of welders. Most of Tim’s family and extended family still live in Spokane and the surrounding area.


Tim married his wife Shannon in 1999, 20 years of marriage. They have three children: an adult son, and a son and daughter in high school. Shannon was also born in Spokane and she graduated from North Central High School. Shannon has a Child Development Associate Certificate and has devoted most of her life to caring for children.


The Benns bought their home in Northeast Spokane in 2000. They have owned and operated a licensed childcare business for the last 16 years. Tim and Shannon Benn have a history of putting children and families first.




Tim Benn was blessed with the opportunity to be educated in a variety of settings. He was educated at public school, at home, and at private school. He attended Rogers High School and graduated from Spokane Community College with three separate Associate Degrees of Applied Sciences in General Business, Marketing and Management. Tim represented Spokane Community Colleges in business competition at the state, national and international level. He also completed a Child Development Associate Certificate.

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Currently, Tim is serving as the elected chairman of Spokane's Minnehaha Neighborhood Council. He also is the co-host of The Right Spokane Perspective radio program on 96.5fm with Mike Fagan, current District 1 Councilman.


Last year, he chaired a committee focused on voter turn out in elections and citizen participation in government. He also served two terms (4 years) as an elected Precinct Committee Officer in the Minnehaha neighborhood and two years as the elected District Leader of Northeast Spokane.


Also last year, Tim began advocating for yellow caution lights for the Cooper Elementary school zone. There have been numerous close calls in the school zone located on the corner of two main arterials. Cooper Elementary School is one of the only schools in Spokane that has no safety lights. Studies show that school zone lights slow traffic on average 7 mph and greatly reduce the risk of serious injury and death. Safety light applications were submitted previously and were denied. Tim continued to work on the issue, gathering support from the school and neighborhood residents, and resubmitted the application with a large amount of signatures. As of May 2017, he received confirmation from the city that the lights have been approved for installation. Tim will continue to work on important safety issues for children.


In 2015, he was the campaign manager for Spokane City Councilman, Mike Fagan.


For the last 10 years, Tim has been a strong advocate for childcare facilities. Most facilities are owned primarily by women and work long hours to serve children and families. His advocacy focused on preserving choices and the diversity across the childcare industry. His goal is for mothers and families in Washington to have a wide range of options in care for their children.


In 2013, Tim authored legislation concerning child safety in childcare facilities. In 2014, Tim's bill was introduced in the Washington State House of Representatives and had a companion bill in the Senate. He worked with Washington lawmakers in Olympia to ensure that certain codes be inspected by local agencies with the proper authority and expertise. The bill increased safety for children. Tim's bill passed the House and Senate unanimously. Both, Democrats and Republicans supported his bill and Governor Jay Inslee signed it into law the very same year.


Tim volunteered and fundraised for a local teen center and helped their Boy Scout troop. Tim and Shannon often support other local nonprofits.




Tim's family enjoys a wide range of recreational activities in the Northwest. Due to their children’s very active participation in sports, Tim and Shannon attend many football and basketball games. His family also enjoys local racing, camping, volleyball and the occasional family bicycle ride.

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